Theology 101: Curses and Blessings

We’ve been taking this space each week to review some basic theology. Each week builds on previous weeks, so we’re placing all these on our website if you’ve missed one. Today, we’re ready to move out of the first three chapters of Genesis with two important observations.

The first observation is there is a downward spiral as sin takes root in the world. For instance, Adam and Eve sin by eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. In the very next chapter, Cain murders Abel, and by the end of Genesis 4, Lamech boasts about how much worse he is than Cain. In Genesis 5, you find the genealogies, which we often skip! But, notice their refrain, “… and he died …” Death was never part of God’s plan, yet there it is. By the time we come to Genesis 6, the world has become so evil, so violent, that God promises to bring a flood to destroy it. This deep rooted brokenness runs clear through Scripture. We can’t escape it.

When we get to Genesis 12, however, we see a significant shift. Genesis 3-11 have mostly been about human failure, sin and judgment. These are all part of a world characterized by curse. In Genesis 12, God calls Abraham and BLESSES him, promising to BLESS the whole world through his family. In a world riddled with CURSE, God begins to BLESS - just as he blessed in the beginning, before sin. With Abraham, God starts his long, costly project of fixing what we’ve broken through our sin.