What Is MAGI and How Can You Help?

First, what is MAGI? Take a look at this video:

We are hosting our first annual MAGI Party on Thursday, December 10 from 3:00 - 6:30 PM. This is our chance to partner with Healing Hands International to distribute MAGI boxes to the children in our community. 

To make this happen, we are going to need some help. If you can pitch in with any of the following, please let us know:

1. Help us unload and set up boxes (Dec 9)
2. Help us decorate for the party (Dec 9)
3. Donate baked items for the party
4. Help us distribute boxes at the party (Dec 10)
5. Help us write notes to children that will go into MAGI boxes.

If you can help, let us know. If you have more questions, we'd be happy to answer those as well. You can also find out more about MAGI here