Theology 101: The Faith of Our Fathers

Each week, we take this space to review some basic theology and for the last little while, we’ve been working through the highlights of the biblical narrative. We’re all the way up to Genesis 12! Since we don’t have a lot of space, each week’s installment builds off of earlier ones. You can find past installments on our blog.

Last week, we looked at the Abraham story from God’s perspective. God delights in choosing people who don’t fit the job he has for them. God does impossibilities. This week, I want to note something about the story from Abraham and Sarah’s perspective. Namely, they trusted God enough to actually get up and leave. This trust is why Abraham is the father of our faith.

Think about it briefly. God asks the family to pull up roots and go, literally, God knows where. They are supposed to do this because God is going to make a great nation of their family. But they don’t have a family. Does God really expect Abraham and Sarah to leave everything they know on this basis? How is that supposed to work? It is impossible!

And, yet - they go.