Theology 101: The God of Impossibilities

We’ve been taking this space to review our basic theology each week. Since we don’t have a lot of space, each week builds on previous weeks, and we’ve put them on our blog in case you missed one. This week, we want to begin unpacking Abraham’s story. So far, we’ve noted God intends to use Abraham to reinstitute blessing in a broken world characterized by curse.

When looking at the lives of Abraham and Sarah, it’s important to see how God works. Namely, God chooses the couple to do the one thing they couldn’t possibly do. They had great wealth and possessions. They were a family of prestige and honor. With credentials like that, they could have served God in any number of ways. Even though they had all of this, Abraham and Sarah could not have children. Sarah had always been barren, and they were past child-bearing years as well.

It is significant that God chooses this couple to give birth to a nation. The couple who could not give birth would found the family through which God would bless the whole world. In doing this, God reveals himself as the God who does impossibilities. This establishes a precedent for how God will work as he brings about the restoration of his creation.